Battle for money and respect.. 2 judges from Bmore and 2 from Philly and 1 judge from a first time visitor from eastern Shore Md

PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE ON THE BATTLE ..  please dont leave without a comment and a vote ..


Who won this Battle?

PIT FIGHTS BATTLE LEAGUE : Deathmas 5 /Barcardy vs Wise

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  • DMV E

    I thought the 1st and 3rd rounds were the most entertaining. Round 1, Bar started off with bars from the jump. Although I heard them before they were money. Wise took some time to get started but ended the 1st strong. The 2nd round was weak and I would have re-watched if need be but I thought won the 3rd with more punches and energy like the 1st round. Wise wasted a number of bars in the end bragging on himself. 2-? to Bar… I couldn’t figure the second round out.

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