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PIT FIGHTS BATTLE LEAGUE : Deathmas 5/ O Dubb vs Rebel

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  • Marquis Perry

    Yeah…watching this on video is very different from watching it live. I caught everything this time around. I didn’t expect crazy stuff from Dubb for the first rd. I expected Rebel to kill him first round but it was vice versa. I lost count of how many quotables and hard punches Dub had cause it was so much. But i can remember the majority of Rebel’s punches cause it wasn’t much. It was mostly aggression and performance. 2nd round became debatable when Rebel said “you too white to black on somebody”. My favorite Rebel line was “lemme holla at you.” that was dope. But i feel like Rebel had to do more to Dub’s 3rd. I call it 2-1 in Dub’s favor. But this was a lot like Clips vs Lux. People just wanted a new champ from the jump so they made sure to have the challenger’s back. I believe the choice was a little bias in the end. Respect to both MC’s. Hopefully yall are in the building for the february event.

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